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Bringing out the best of the Five Elements of Feng Shui to activate auspicious powers of your home.

Modern and unique paintings with lots of materials for textured canvas.

A fancy collection of textures for unique paintings in relief.

The Five Elements theory

by 189 Art Gallery

Élément Feu


Élément Terre Feng Shui


Élément Métal


Élément Eau Feng Shui


Élément Bois Feng Shui


189 Art Gallery’s Collection

A fine selection of painting inspired by Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysical studies

Are you keen on Feng Shui, fascinated by Nature or are you just looking for more calm and equanimity? Let’s have a look on unique and handmade paintings, full of textures on canvas which reveal gorgeous colours and effects depending on the light.

Oeuvre 189ArtGallery "Auspicious Lotus"

Abstract Garden

Oeuvre 189ArtGallery "Chinese Junk"

Ancient Wink

Oeuvre 189ArtGallery "Dai"


Oeuvre 189ArtGallery "Greenleaf"


Oeuvre 189ArtGallery "Serenity Wall"


Oeuvre 189ArtGallery "Auspicious Rain"

Yin & Yang

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Our new paintings

Find out the latest 189 Art gallery’s creations which take inspiration from the Old Chinese Feng Shui. We offer a fine and contemporary range of unique homemade paintings, full of textures, reflecting elegant and rich colours, which helps to bring calm and harmony at home or office.

Œuvre 189ArtGallery "Old China"

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189 Art Gallery is officially opened! Thanks again for your patience and let’s share with you our vision of Feng Shui through our finest paintings!

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